3 questions about Cubase 12 AI install, license issues

Hi there,

I bought a UR24c this summer and am really enjoying using it both with the bundled Cubasis and Cubase 12 AI. Although I found the install process a little bit troublesome, I think I got there in the end. It seemed like there were so many different steps and places to find content. However, I’m now slowly undertanding a little more about the systems I’m using. I do have three issues I’d like to get fixed though:

  1. I keep getting this error when Cubase loads.
    Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or time-limited licenses have expired.
    Bloom - Amy Kirkpatrick
    Dancefloor Tech House
    Hard Knocks
    Lofi Dreams
    Night Call Synthwave

When I go to ‘more details’, I see nothing that can help me fix this.
While installing the UR24c, I just downloaded and installed everything it said to install - drivers, apps, free packs and while there downloaded whatever else was free content to have (eg from signing up for the newsletter, etc). I downloaded a few free content packs in the summer - most work, the few listed above have issues and I’m not sure why. Any thoughts?

  1. When I check out the products in my profile, it says I am using Cubase AI on 3 computers. Currently I am only using it on one. I had formatting issues and had to reinstall windows several times. I have two Cubase activations I’d like to delete (activated August 2022) and keep the one activation, activated September 9, 2022.
    How best to delete these extraneous product activations?

  2. I’m getting a little confused about ‘Steinberg Plus’.
    First, I’m really thankful that Steinberg is supporting people who buy their hardware - it really makes me want to continue buying Steinberg stuff.
    However, I’ve seen the ‘Steinberg Plus’ video and read the webpage, but I don’t know how to download the extra content. I’d like to download and use Retrologue and grab the new sound sets. I have already put in my DAC in the summer. Is the ‘Plus’ thing a rolling system when free content offers change, or is it a one-off ‘download of whatever is free when you do your first install’ thing? If I’m supposed to be able to download the content as a UR24c user, how do I access it? A little confused about the whole thing.


Open Steinberg Library Manager and remove the mentioned libraries. It seems, you installed libraries you have no lenses for.

Every single system behaves as a new one. Therefore you have used 3 “seats” already. You can use this thread to free your seats.

What do you mean by the “Steinberg Plus”, please?

Hi Martin.Jirsak,

Thanks for your reply.

  1. That might be the case, but I’m just wanting to check, as I’d rather keep those libraries if it’s just an error of some sort. There was a lot of content available when I installed Cubase - most installed ok and are functional - the few mentioned in the error are not. All came from the same content page, supposedly free for me and I downloaded all at the same time. I might have a made a mistake, as I can’t find the donwload page now, but I did install quite a few other libraries from there that are working properly:

  2. Thanks, good to know.

  3. Steinberg Plus - https://www.steinberg.net/audio-interfaces/plus/