3 simple features disappeared

Hello steinberg:

for the first time in a decade Im disappointed with a new version of cubase, cubase 10.
3 features that were removed or complicated which were simple:

1- now the right click on midi editor has no function options, we have to go to the menu on top and choose them.
why remove this? makes no sense, it was there, it was easy and now its annoying. so please bring back the right click function options please.

2- in previous cubase versions when I chut a peace of audio and went inside to use variaudio options,
only the new cut area appeared for editing. now in the new cubase 10 you still see everything even after cutting out parts.
and the worst part is that the event start and end area which is the cut area I want to edit, has almost the same colour
of the background which makes me lose time looking for the part I want to edit. its really hard to see the area I want to edit now.
please bring back the old way where when we cut a audi part and want to edit it, let us see clearly the area we want to edit.

3- lastly, now if I want to choose the tools, right click, then choose and release or left click to choose another tool, like glue for example.
that works fine, but now, when I want to change for example my object selection tool into time stretch, there is a green bar that turns into yellow
with a delay, like kinda of a quick download. in all previous cubase versions there was no delay, it just appeared quickly,
now theres this strange loading delay which makes no sense. please remove this delay, its pointless.

thanks for your time.


+1. Point 2 & 3 are annoying as hell.


The 1st one is optional from the Preferences/Editing/Tools/Pop-up Toolbox on Right-Click.
Just disable it.

its ridiculous. every company is doing it with their products.
remove things that were there, would be fine to continue there,
but some dumb person decides to remove them. its stupid.
its terrible. its less intuitive and takes longer to work on cubase.
what the hell man!!!
and now they removed the mouse wheel function to change settings around cubase,
like the quantize values.
what the f*** is going on with the world man???

all those points you made are so right.
what the hell is that download things now? a delay to choose a tool? what the???
why the hell would we want a delay choosing a tool?
what is happening to people? why is everything getting dumbed down?

and the right click for functions options? would do we have to go to the damn menu at the top now?
why why whyyy??? WHY!