3 voices and a rest in one that will not move.

Thanks, as always, everyone, for your great help. The music notation community in general is truly wonderful, and the Dorico crowd is no exception.

I’ve talked about this before, but now I’ve decided to include my .dorico at

in which the offending measures are 89 and 92.

Our concern is with the left hand (identical in both measures), in which the publisher (per attached) specifies three distinct voices.

The publisher gives what I believe to be the optimal solution for the placement of rests and notes for these three voices, and I wish to match that exactly. Moving rests vertically for me is not a problem. I cannot, however, move the offending rests horizontally to match what the publisher gives us.

Properties > Common > Offset does not work, and I cannot figure out how to get a handle for those rests in Engrave > Note spacing. Alt + left/right arrow does not work, either.

The system will not let me attach my .dorico file. ‘invalid file extension’. But I have put it to DropBox (see above) as well as attached the previous images I shared a week or so ago.

I need only move these rests horizontally five or ten pixels. Again, vertical is not an issue. Many thanks!
Rest (where the original has it) 5 Aug 2017.png
Rest (where Dorico has it right now) 5 Aug 2017.png

I’m not sure if I fully understand what you’re trying to do, mainly because the .dorico file looks slightly different on my machine from your screenshot, but I was able to get the rest to move in measure 89. Here is the file

To make the rests separate from the notes, I had to do 3 steps.

  1. give the notes in the chord a Voice column index of 1
  2. give the natural sign an Accidental X offset of -7/8 spaces
  3. give the rest an offset of 7 1/4 Y (I saw 2 rests, I moved the lower one up, and made the upper one invisible with opacity of 0)

After this, when doing note spacing, I saw 2 handles and was able to move the notes to the left a smidge, and the rest to the right a smidge.

I’m very new to Dorico, so I’m sure Daniel has a better method, but it is a testament to Dorico that I figured this out so quickly, I think.

Greg is basically right: the only way you could do this would be to put all of the other coincident notes and rests into voice column index 1 via the Properties panel (because you cannot change the voice column of the rest, though that would be handy in this case). Then you can assign a negative ‘Voice column X offset’ to the notes and a positive offset to the rest, and that will sort it out.

However, I might be tempted to use a text object to avoid all of this malarkey. You can hide the rest by choosing Edit > Remove Rests, then create a Shift+X text object, set the character style to ‘Music text’ using the menu at the top right corner of the popover, and then paste in the appropriate glyph from here. You can then move the “rest” freely in Engrave mode.