30 year ago for the 1st MTV video!

Aloha and happy 30th MTV.
I remember seeing ‘Video killed the Radio Star’.

I guess these days it’s:
‘Internet/piracy/mp3/ killed the video star’.



Sure did change things up… not all in a positive way either.

Youtube will kill everything eventually unless something kills it first.

It’ll all be different again 30 years from now, just hope I live long enough to witness it :cry:

I keep trying to imagine the world my grand-kids are going to live in that far into the future and beyond. Hopefully we’ll be there to see it too… I’ll be well into my 80s.

MTV used to be cool. It was the only place I could see the British comedy show The Young Ones. Every time the cable company door-to-door salespeople came around I’d ask them if they had added MTV to the roster. It wasn’t until they answered “Yes” that I subscribed.

Now I can’t stand it.

MTV doesn’t even show music any more, the M stands for Moronic these days :unamused:
It can also take some blame for good/great musicians being out of work and the general standard of songwriting reaching new depths. If you ain’t cute, you ain’t on TV :imp:

Like Nick says, “I can’t stand it”

Bah humbug :laughing:

The first time I ever saw MTV was at my cousin’s house and J Geils’s “Freeze Frame” was the video and I thought it was cool as hell.

Later, there were complaints that MTV was showing only white artists, and then MJ cracked the barrier. Now, it seems it’s ONLY Rap. To see a Rock video, you have to watch VH1, and it’s entirely mainstream.

I LOVED that show. We watched it religiously in college.