32/64 bit Cubase cant save GEQ30 Eq-type

This Cubase 6.5.4 problem happens in 32 and 64-bit application…
I know people complain about stock plugins and effects with DAW’s etc. however, I found a simple GEQ-30 or GEQ-10 has its place (along with others); however, more often than not, I find glitches in Cubase’s stock plugs that render them basically useless… Todat I am sick of not being able to use them… well, since I pay for them, they should work! With the GEQ-30 for example, anytime I try to set the EQ-type (in the lower right corner of the device) to anything other than the default “True Resp”, neither the project or saved GEQ preset will ever successfully reload with the changed EQ-type… whether I change to “Digi Stand”, “Resonant”, “VariQ” or whatever, the project or preset always reloads with “True Resp”.
I’ve tried with any project… I’ve opened a blank projects, you name it, it never works.
No one seemed to be interested in helping me with the last post I left regarding this matter, so here goes again.

and I will keep leaving posts until someone finds it in their heart to reply… it is the Christmas season you know.

I have Dell XPS 8500, i7-3770 3.4 Ghz, 12 Gb ddr3, Windows 7/64-bit. Cubase 6.5.4

Did you open a support ticket with Steinberg?

  1. works for me
  2. trash your preferences

First off, thank you so much for your response, I cant tell you how much I appreciate that…

  1. By support ticket, do you mean that thing in the Mysteinberg? I have a problem with that… somewhere I left a post about doing those things… They ask for some info. that I dont understand, that is also asterisked… Like model #??? Dealer? I bought all stuff from steinberg…

  2. What do you mean ‘trash preferences’? what preferences?

I have the same problems!

and I cant save the midi effect settings fpr chorder for example and the scale in midi modifier too!

what is this?

what do we have in common?

I can’t check right now, but I will try later to verify that we are talking about the same thing.

Here’s another good one…

I must use Groove Agent One with caution.

Once loading samples into multiple pads, I have a problem with the Gain settings in each pad from NOT getting messed up when I repeatedly press a pad.
For example (and it seems to happen after loading more than one sound into the machine);

  1. I will load a sample into a pad, set its overall volume in the Voice section…
  2. Then, I will load a second sound, into another pad… For this sample, I will set the volume (in voice section) pretty low (and you’l see why in a minute).
  3. Next, create a sequence which uses both pads/samples.
  4. Now, as the sequence is playing, and all the sample volumes have been set, start pressing the 2nd pad you loaded up, notice the erroneous effect… the pad’s saved volume starts to jump higher and higher for some reason.
  5. If you navigate to the voice section of that 2nd pad/sample, sure enough, you can see that the gain was mysteriously increased!!

The work around is rather easy… once you create / edit a pad/sample, you just cant touch it ever again… without triggering the volume glitch; which unfortunately rules out playing along with your project to try other ideas out…

I find myself trying to take advantage of Steinberg’ stock plugins etc. but I find they end up “glitching-out.”

Dont even get me started on those synths they added a couple years ago… That Prologue and Emphasis or whatever its called… With those, it seem like envelopes dont work or something, I cant remember, I quickly realized that they werent worth using and used my 3rd party stuff instead.

I am and will be a faithfull Cubase user, along with FL and Reason, so dont worry; I’m in it for the long haul.