32 bit Lives for Cubase

Sound Radix has just released their Beta version of 32 Bit Lives for VST. I have with great success used it for some time for the AU versions of my older instruments and plugs and was eager to try it out on my VST environment.

I guess most people living in the 64 bit enviromnent in Cubase have some 32 bit instruments/plugs jBridged. However jBridge is not quite the thing as the interface is a little bit cumbersome compared to the the 64 bit pluggs/instruments. However the kinda 64 Bit you get through 32 Bit lives is like having a real 64 bit plug, interface wise, at least for the AU versions.

Sadly I ran into some problems with the VST version.

The new Beta version of 32 bit lives installed ok and I chose some instruments to “resurrect” as they call it in Sound Radix. The new VST versions placed them selves correctly in the VST folder. I can also see Cubase “verify” the new versions upon start. (Names flashing) However when trying to load the instruments they are not in the pulldown menues.

I thought that jBrigdge might have been the problem. I deleted the jBrigde files for the resurrected instruments in the JBridged 32 bit folder. I deleted the 32 bit versions in the VST folder. I rescanned using the plugin manager in Cubase and I even upgraded to the newly released version of Cubse (8.5.20), but alas no luck.

I do however notice that when trying to load an instrument through the pull down menu in Cubase, the jBridged versions still displays, although I have deleted the instruments. Trying to load them after the deletion yields an error msg.

I think there might be some preference setting that in some way still thinks the jBridged versions are still there and that they might block for Cubase “seeing” the 32Bit Lives resurrected versions. I do however not know how to get rid of this “blockade” and of course not if that would help. Here I think it would be easier if I was on a PC (at least for me), but I cannot seem to find anything on my MAC that seem to be the right folder or file to delete and I am a little reluctant to try it out deleting folder by folder.

Anyone that can point me in the right direction?

The “test” resurrections are:
Virus for Powercore
Dvi’s from SONIVOX (talk box guitars)
M-Audio Key Rig

Most of the testing has been done with the DVI’s from SONIVOX.

A workaround for a while has been to resurrect the AU versions and load them into Cubase via BlueCats Patchwork. However not a fully stable solution. So I would really like to get rthe VST version of 32 Bit lives to work.