32 bit mode


newbie question:

how can i run cubase in 32 bit mode while this only accept 3 gb of ram?

Your question is not clear.

Did you asked if Cubase 32bit can only adress 3 GB of RAM?

  • Yes thats the limitation of 32bit.

Thanks for the answer Novikthewise!

I only have computers with system 32, so If I understand it well, Cubase 8 pro will never work properly on those machines, because the program requires a minimum of 4 gb ram, and 8 ram is recommended? I have installed 8 gb of physical memory on the pc’s

thank you!

Actually a 32bit software can access 4gb of Ram on a 64bit OS. If you have installed 8 GB of RAM i recommend to use a 64bit OS and 64bit Software to have full access to this 8 GB of RAM