32-Bit plug-ins are no longer supported

Hi there
I worked with cubas 8.5 , And the 32&64Bit plug-ins was work perfect . But the cubas 9 does not support 32Bit plug-ins
In the (plug-ins manager i - Black list) i got 32-plug-ins not supported
How to solve this problem
Plug-ins Manager.jpg


Use 64-bit plug-ins, please. As far as I can see, all of them are 64-bit too. Especially those “big” plug-ins (Zebra, Play, Kontakt…), it really doesn’t make sense to run them in 64-bit. You need a lot of RAM to use them, so 64-bit.

Thanx for fast replay
But some of plug-ins only 32 Bit (like Adventus & AdventusDF) does not work with cubase 9

They should still work if you use jBridge.

JBridge has always worked better than Steinberg’s bridging system anyway.