32 Bit Plugins issues

So you see I wanted to install LePoulin Cab and the other Poulin’s amps to cubase. But the problem is: I have the 64 bit version of Cubase Element 9 and it won’t load the Poulin’s vst because they are in 32 bits. It just pust the vst in the black list.

Is it possible to reinstall cubase in 32 bit? I tried to reinstall it but it only give me the 64 bit version.

P.S. I don’t wanna spend money on a software to convert a 32 bit vst file to a 64 bit file. (Tho if it’s the only solution I guess I will have to do that.)

Just bought cubase 9 and it advises that “all” 32 bit plug ins are no longer usable. Only 64 bit…

32-bit plug-ins were causing instability in Cubase which is why it’s now 64-bit only. However there are folks who are successfully using JBridge to access their 32-bit plug-ins. Personally I can’t vouch for it as I stopped using 32-bit years ago. Good luck.

LePoulin has several 64 bit plugs available, only the older ones are 32 bit…
Fact of life, we can only hope that the dev’s will port all to 64 bits.

LePoulin has several 64 bit plugs available, only the older ones are 32 bit…
Fact of life, we can only hope that the dev’s will port all to 64 bits.

JBridge works way better and is more stable than the old Cubase bit bridge which was dropped in Cubase 9. I strongly recommend you to buy JBridge if you absolutely must continue using 32 bit plugins.

Definitely sad to have to pay for something just because Steinberg couldn’t figure out how to keep their DAW stable. But if JBridge will keep my workflow alive, so be it. Thanks!

If anyone from Steinberg reads this, I wish you’d advertised that you were dropping 32-bit support! I don’t think I would have bothered upgrading to 9 if I’d known. Hopefully you can resurrect 32-bit support down the road somehow. I mean, now you have my money, so maybe that just makes you lean back in your evil chair and laugh as you pet your evil cat, but I want to keep believing that you are the good guys. Thanks for reading!

They get rid off the cat just because he was born before the first Cubase 64bit version… yep :confused:

More serioulsy, i don’t think they will support 32bit anymore, the more time passes, the more differences there will be about the code of the 2 versions.

Cubase9 has a bigger memory footprint than earlier versions, 32bit makes no sense anymore.
JBridge is the only viable option on PC I’m afraid.

Basically the drop of 32 bit plugins hurt my feelings bigtime with C9 Pro. Lucky we have Jbridge and i had to install my older cubase again to have at least some project working again. Yeah you save projects under an earlier version of cubase expecting to import them into cubase C9, offcourse i used 32 bit plugins! We all did, so for me a big loss is the 32 bit plugins not available in C9. Windows 10 64Bit can work flawless with 32bit software, steinberg not ??? Come on… Nice boost to the plugin market … But for my older saved projects it is days of work extra !

And next is with C9 pro i must try to AVOID all 32bit plugins, because i was allways thinking my project would readable in future. So i cannot even expect that working fully with 64 bit plugins after 10 years i will have the same problem ??

You might want to use an older version of Cubase to convert those older projects to stems with the effects also printed.

The truth is that with music tools & recording it is a constant journey from yesterday’s obsolete tool to tomorrow’s soon to be obsolete tool. Check out my museum of home recording technology - reel-to-reel, ADAT, some proprietary hard-disk recorder, various external controllers, a closet-full of now under-powered PCs, etc. Best to assume that almost anything you are currently using won’t be available in the future.

You are right, i now have SX3 installed on my Windows10/64bit, working correctly. I also have Cubase 6 working on it. The projects where saved in SX3 or in C5 / C6. It is a bit lame to start buying plugins i allready have, just because to have an 64bit version. SO Jbridge feels like a good solution. I know it is a bit of a repeat…

I am still lamenting the loss of my B4 plug in since upgrading to Cubase 9 pro…

I am wondering if anyone here can help my with a problem? I am trying to open up some archived sessions from 1999…It seems the file extension .all is no longer supported since Cubase 4, so I found my old disc for Cubase SX 3 and installed it. It says I don’t have a license on my dongle. How can I get the license? I paid for the software years ago, but can’t seem to get it going.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Maybe they made a change to the installers that allows it…try the installer provided here:
This worked for me on a C9 license.

That is the other problem. I this year bought C9pro. Was working under C6 and even SX3 (because of old projects).
The FXP presets are older system plugin presets.
The where replaced by VST3presets.
I was lucky with Battery3 and Hypersonic that i could import FXP (dont know its the plugin or Steinberg does this on the plugin parameters).
But you can import FXP preset and then save a VST3preset and you are in.

The main problem was that JBridge for 32plugins renames 32bitplugins to 64plugins, the name change is a failure when open C9pro and an older project, the plugin is not even loaded…
For some plugins a fixed it, but some will not do or preload. You have to fix that in the project load Plugin and load the FXP…
Basically then your project could be in real danger, because if you never saved a FXP, you dont get your presets back.