32 Bit Plugins with WL8

Hey there,

what do I have to do to use my 32Bit PlugIns with WL8 ?

i.e. I am using Cytomics “The Glue” in WL7 - this PlugIn doesn`t show up in WL8.
same applies to Redunoise from Voxengo.

What am I missing?


Are you using WaveLab 8.0.2?
Did you try a full plugin rescan? (option, in the plugin dialog)
Did you check these plugins are not in the exclusion list? (in the plugin dialog)
Were these plugins really scanned? (see function at the bottom right of second tab in the plugin dialog)




Well they seem to get ignored by WL8 altough they are NOT on the Ignore list :open_mouth:

Just to be sure; you are running WL8 32-bit? WL 64-bit can’t make use of 32-bit plugins.

Alright, that`s the problem.

No, I am running WL8-64Bit.
Thought it could run 32-Bit Plugs as well. :confused:

Did you tired jbridge?

I’m not quiet sure if it works, but it’s worth a try.