32bit and 64bit cubase install with vsti

:question: Hi,
I have an older Nuendo i asume its 32bit. I also have Cubase AI which is 64bit that came with my new audio interface.
Can I run both versions on the same PC undder windows 10 64bit?

I have the older vsti which run on the old 32bit Nuendo and i understand i have to use JBridge to use them under 64bit Cubase. Dose this mean i have to reinstall all my vsti in cubase 64bit folders or do i use Jbridge to pick them up form the folders under the 32bit Nuendo and it copises them into cubase 64bit?


Yes, you can install and run 32-bit Nuendo and 64-bit Cubase at the same system.

Thanks for the info, but what about the 32bit plug in do i have to restall them into the 64bit cubase or wil.it share form the 32bit vesion foldders when using Jbridge?


No, 64-bit Cubase will not see 32-bit plug-ins at all. You can either install 64-bit version of the plug-in (what I would recommend) or use any 3rd party bridge (like jBridge) to bridge the 32-bit plug-ins to 64-bit Cubase.

In both cases (most likely) you will get a missing plug-in window while opening an old project and you will need to replace the plug-ins (and set all the parameters) manually.

Ah ok So once I install 64bit cubse i then use 3rd party app like Jbridge to bring in 32bit apps from 32bit cubase/nuendo over for use ?
So basically to use 32 bit apps in 64 bit cubase i need both versions of cubse installed so the plugins can be bridged over for use?

Problem is thre are not many 64 bit plugins on the market?

There are plenty.


Not “apps”, but plug-ins. Yes, you need some bridge.

No, you can install 64-bit Cubase only and use any bridge. You don’t need 32-bit Cubase. I recommended this just to be able to open the older projects with the 32-bit plug-ins directly.

There are plenty of them. Try to search at KVRAudio.com, please.

let me get this right, I install 64bit cubase only, then install 32bit plugins, then install JBridge and use that to bridgre over the plugins when using cubse64bit ?


The order doesn’t really matter. But in general, you are right.

Thanks i wil give it a go