32bit N4 under win7 64bit - memory limit 3 or 4GB?

i have a machine here running with win7 64bit, and am currently still running N4 in the 32bit version.

i was always under the impression that one would have a 4GB limit for the nuendo app in this scenario, but in reality it seems to be more like 3GB? once i cross the 3GB threshold, i start getting runtime errors and not enough memory messages from various plugins. the machine itself currently has 6GB ram - could that be the problem? does win7 need 3GB to operate and isnt able to swap stuff so that nuendo could “grab” parts of that?

or do i need to configure anything to get the full 4GB? the program is “large address aware” by default when you install it, no?

dreaded memory BS…so, hows cubendo 5 in the 64bit version doing these days anyway?

This is from great interest for me as well because I will be on Win7/64 with N4.3 32bit soon.

I was hoping to be able to use at least those 4GB - that is what I heard. 3GB would not be THAT big benefit… Since most of the Plugins (UAD) are all 32bit I guess that we are not able to use a Cubendo 64bit version that soon? Or I am wrong?

See our knowledgebase:


I can use around 3.2GB in N4 on W7 before it starts to get flaky. However, once it does crash there is no way back apart from re-starting Nuendo. Luckily a little bit of memory is released when Nuendo closes, so at least the project is not lost.



yes, thats the “official” version of the story that im already aware of. but for some reason it doesnt match with what i see in reality here. N4/32 runs out of memory exactly as DG describes at around 3,2GB of ram usage.

any reason why that would be? is that not so on your system?

AFAIK, there is a total of 4GB available, like there was a total of 2GB on XP systems.
Know that the OS, Nuendo and possible other applications leave a footprint and take part of that total RAM.
Which means that -if I remember well- on XP systems, the total available (for working) was around 1,5GB.
So that could match your 3.2GB on Win7.

Know that I am non expert, I could be wrong, and for sure the numbers can be inaccurate.
And it also depends on how you measure the RAM usage.


Fredo’s right here - the 4Gb is a total thing, and that includes overhead for Graphics cards, sound cards etc - all expansion slots use RAM up and the amount used differs depending on the card installed.

Well - now I am curious how I can make use of 12 GB excellent RAM in a Win7/64bit - Nuendo 4/32bit enviroment?

Is there something like FX Teleport out (I heard “jBridge”) which enables me to “outsource” extremly RAM hungry plugins? I mean - I can run a 300 track audio-only full-mix which really usues CPU and DSP with usually well below 2GB of ram usage… But as soon as I load one or two bigger sample-vstis… Orchestral stuff, Drumkit from hell or something… those vstis are those RAM eaters. If I am able to put their “process” outside Nuendo.exe…

My guess (to be confirmed), you may have to run each VSTi as a standalone application (process) using ReWire protocol and/or using jBridge as an inter-process communication mechanisms to take benefits of most of your 12GB of RAM even with 32 bit applications (plug-ins). Anyway each 32 bit application remains limited by design to a Max 4GB of adresses space.

AFAIK both are not VST3 compatible.
AFAIK FX/Teleport won’t run under Win7 x64.


When we are here - maybe I will post that in the N5 board as well… in N5/C5 there is that bridge - or not? Which enables me to use a 64bit host with 32bit plugins.

Does that work good? Does that makes sence?
Is that bridge capable of doing it vice versa? Running 64bit plugins in a 32bit host?

Oh - and I hope to not hijack that thread too much. Derek - but I guess you are in a similar situation…

Me: beeing 32bit N4 / C5 - soon on Win7/64 bit.

I am completely lost regarding the decission - staying with a 32bit host? Not using the OS capabilities and the 12GB RAM?

Going to a 64bit host? Maybe Cubase 5 or Nuendo 5 (still cant decide if I should throw 400 bucks on the upgrade while C5 should basically do the same here…) - but what about all those plugins? UAD is 32bit - or not? I use zillions of UAD plugins.

Next confuzing thing: Can I for example have N3/N4 32bit on my system and install N5 64bit as well? Makes that sence, is that possible? What about the plugins? I would like to use N3 for recording but I would like to use a brand new 64bit host for mixing… Oh dude, I am not sure what to do these days. I could be an awesome time but I have the feeling that we are in the middle of “old” and “new” in the moment…

EDIT: Well - what about the idea of a dual boot? 32bit host for daily work - 64bit host for testing and maybe for the case of “heavy composing work”…?


Load your sample players in Vienna Ensemble Pro. Not only does that give you another 4GB for 32bit plugs, as much RAM as you have for 64bit plugs, but also allows you to keep all the samples loaded when you change projects, should you wish to. I can assure you that when you start using large sample templates, you don’t want to be waiting for it all to load every time you close a project. Sure, it loads faster the second time, but why waste 10 minutes, when you don’t have to?


DG - thanks a lot! That makes incredible sence!

I am using FX Gigaport with Gigastudio in the moment - here it is the same - Gigastudio is loaded - and I can chance projects… but I am without a clue what to do in Win7 - its a shame that FX Teleport/Gigaport does not support Win7/64bit - basically this kills my complete orchestral-setup which I run via Gigastudio on a second system. Ok - this is oldschool - but I usually do only some basic orchestral things in (usually) a heavy-metal context and stuff.

I don’t know if Halion can load those Gig-Files… Mh… Can Vienna Ensemble Pro?

Otherwise I will throw a lot of monay on stuff from Quantum Leap.


Kontakt will load all the Gig files. You can load Kontakt in VE Pro as well.