32min Project length limit?

well this is interesting :frowning: I have a TL with about 10 tracks in it and I’m just tracking ideas. So I’m recording 3-4 min, leaving that take / idea and going on. I ended my last record at about 29:00 and set another new range from about 30:00 ->32:28 and thats it. the end point is actually off screen and I can’t zoom out, scroll right to see the end. I can use the transport controls to move the CTI past the end of the TL but thats it. I can’t go past about 32:22 on the TL. Known bug ? or ?

UPDATE: of o scroll pretty far in the end of range marker sometimes appears. It’s not consistent. I was able to add a few measures more. it’s pretty weird overall. anything past 32:30 is hard to navigate to / working weird.

Also other point - @ 120BPS the measures counter rolls over 999 measures → 000 again and last spot I can get to seems to be 24 .4.1.0


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Hello Steve,

What is TL?
What is CTI?
What computer do you use (PC, Which Windows ; Mac )?
What Cubase version?
Have you been drinking lately ( :sweat_smile: )?

There is no 32 min project length limit in Cubase.

Any chance to share a screenshot?


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those are all standard terms,
Current Time Indicator
Cu 12.0.52 / OS 13.3
there is nothing to see in a screen shot except zoomed all the way out end of TL is 32.30 and can move past that point. some searches here indicate this is actually problem but nothing useful.

Maybe, if you say so. But I didn’t know them, so I asked … (and now I learned something, Thanks to Wisconsin)

Certainly the terms are standard, but the initials perhaps not so much.

Keep in mind that while this forum is in English lots of non-native English speakers & even non-speakers also post here - often using Google Translate. Plus folks new to DAWs, who don’t always know the correct jargon, often refer to things by odd names that make sense to them. So folks answering questions tend to err on the side of asking for clarification rather than assuming.

Actually if you could post a screenshot like below it would be helpful. I’ve circled the elements of interest. You may need to adjust the Project Window’s layout so it shows the Overview section at the top.



What happens if you create an empty midi part and move it as far later in time as you can?

Have you ruled out corrupt prefs?

Well there the problem is. for whatever reason there is a project length setting and it was set to 32:30 by some odd default or not sure. I never touched it in any recent memory. most NLE’s the TL length is simply set by simply adding elements or scrolling over. they just expand up to a typical length of 24hrs., others multiple days+.

thanks for solving the mystery.