34" screen

I would like to buy a 34" screen to have more surface for orchestral scores.
My question is this…has anyone ever tried working on a curved screen? is it practical? Are there image distortions (straight lines) when writing? is this embarrassing or on the contrary more pleasant visually than the flat screen?

Thanks very much !

I use a 35" Monoprice Gaming Monitor (UWQHD) and couldn’t be happier with it. There is no distortion, and it easily handles two full screen windows for editing and composing.

I use a curved Samsung that is about 42" I think, which replaced an even bigger older flat screen - yet I find the curved screen clearer with less glare. To be fair, the curved monitor is better in all respects so that’s not a completely fair comparison, but I do prefer the curve. And no, there is zero distortion from it.

I like my LG curved monitor - works really well for scores as I can see loads at one time and also have a source open on one side :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your comments … so, I will buy a curved screen ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I love mine! I think curved feels flatter— less distortion from my seat.

Curved 34" Dell here, no problems…

I use an AOC 34" curved monitor (CU34G2) and am very pleased with it generally. The resolution is 3440x1440 which is fine for most things but I do occasionally have to zoom in on my scores to check whether there are collisions or whether notes have been misplaced. I think that going for a monitor with only 1080 vertically would be a mistake so do check resolution before you commit…

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Thanks Beechside…so I’ll see for the good resolution ( 1440 )

I know, I know it’s too much to ask you that :blush: … but… could someone post a picture of his 34" screen with a sheet music on ?
I can’t find any pictures on the web to get a visual idea…

Thanks a lot !

Here’s some pixel density values for different resolutions at 34-inches:

1920 x 1080 @ 34" = 65 ppi
2560 x 1440 @ 34" = 86 ppi
3840 x 2160 @ 34" = 130 ppi

Even at 4K, you’re only getting 130 pixels per inch, which I’d say is ‘adequate’. Smaller grid resolutions at 34" are going to look like 80s retro computing. :laughing:

The latest MacBook Pros or MS Surfaces have pixel densities over 250 ppi. It does seem very difficult to get an external display with anything like that.

Even 4K at 24" is only 184ppi. Given the slightly further distance from your eyes, it’s probably visually similar.

This is a full orchestra score. I can read this on the screen but any smaller would be a problem.

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Oh…great !!!
It’ look fantastic

Thank you very much for your replies !

you can also try a 27inch 4K and rotate it. Works very well with orchestral scores. Less bulky better pixel density

Yes, it’s true…but I would also like to see the score in width…I hesitate a lot with a 32" in 16/9 (now I have a 24"). With a 32" I would also gain in width and height :blush:

Part of the problem, as I see it, is the near-ubiquitous 16:9 aspect ratio, which was geared to video consumption based on the movie industry, but it does very few favors for ordinary productivity. It is too squat when in the normal horizontal position, and too narrow when flipped vertically.

In fact, for me the ideal screen is 34" (21:9) with 2" more in height :grinning:

I like my 43" 4K monitor that allows me to see 2 facing 17x11" pages at actual size. As my eyes get worse, this is a blessing (but it does take up a lot of room on the desk :grinning:).