35 minute track to chop into sections for release

I have a continuous track for release that would be ideally 12 parts for a continuous album. I know it’d be ideal to export the whole track as a continuous wav, then chop in an external audio editing program. Though is there a way to do it easily in this version of Cubase by any chance? I have the marker setup for where to chop and no doubt there would be clicks on the zero crossing etc… any new suggestions?

Many thanks

I remember that in the past have received wavs from clients with space for some odd reason before the music kicks in where a song would usually start. Just insuring that when I run each part out that they don’t have any gaps before the music.

The Export dialog allows you to export between Locators

Thank you. I see that. Not used cycle markers before having only used locate markers. Is there an easy way to make cycle markers from the location markers?
Thank you

You don’t need to use cycle markers at all:

Select the two markers in your marker track that denote the start and end of a track, then press “p” to set the locators to that selection.

I have a similar thing I need to do quickly. I was given a stereo board feed of a performance that I want to chop up into performers and songs. It was a 2 hour show. The way I am doing it is very time consuming

  1. Import the entire 2 hour long track into a project.
  2. Use the cut the track at the first song.
  3. Select the event and move it to an empty area (Cubase will create a new track)
  4. Repeat till have all
  5. Clean up the tracks
  6. Add plugins as needed to Stereo Output Bus
  7. Solo each track and mixdown.

There has to be an automated way. Each event has a different length so you can’t bounce every track at once because the locators need to be set to the length of each event.

Any super easy way?

You have to drop a marker at the beginning of each song. There’s no way around that. Once you’ve done that, just export each song as Raino indicated by moving the locators to the start/finish of each song and export.

It would be nice even if one of the attributes in the mixdown naming scheme were “Track Name”. I have already named each track to be the performer name and song and all of them in a sequence. 01-Intro, 02-Joe-1, 03-Joe-2, 04-Mary-1, etc. What I was asked to do was to just create MP3’s of the Show by performer. At least once you highlight the event on the track there is a “Set Locators To Selected Range” command.

Reminds me of an old boss I had and he would ask if what he wanted was a 5 minute job or a 10. Which meant 1 day or a week.

I suppose batch export is cubase is intended to facilitate the more common task of exporting stems, in which case you want them all to be the same length. In any case, yes, “Channel” is indeed one of the naming attributes.

I tried that and all that gives me is “Stereo Out.mp3”. Its a very repetitive process so maybe I can work on some type of macro or using the project logical editor. The cleanup work took the most time. It is done now. This has to be something that gets done a lot.

That’s odd, it works for me. Don’t forget to choose the option to put the channel name in the file name.

Sorry, Not working here on a Mac. I have Cubase 10.0.30 (latest) and Mac OS 10.13. Tried channel name and that just gives me the stereo bus. Cubase doesn’t know to select the highlighted track for the filename. You have to type it in the name. It does seem to increment the numbers so if you have track-1 it will go to track-2. But doesn’t work beyond that.

Just wondering what other people do when they get a board feed that they have to chop up. I do have a macro setup to solo the next track

Edit - Mute
Navigate Down
Edit - Solo

I think I can add to select all events on that track and then set the range to that selected and open up the mixdown dialog. But I think that is as far as we can take it. The goal was just to produce mp3’s of each performer and their songs. It comes up enough to see if I could come up with a better way.

I created a macro to at least get some of this done in an automated way.

You have already split the audio into separate tracks and have soloed the first top track and have it highlighted in the track list and you have done the first one or just have an empty track.

Export Next Track Macro:
Edit - Mute
Navigate Down
Edit - Solo
Edit - Select Event
Transport - Locators to Selection
File - Export Audio Mixdown

Now if someone could get the mixdown screen to populate with the track name and export with one key command you could do this per track. Maybe someone might be able to take it further.

Don’t forget to select the channel in the channel list. The file naming works fine for me on macOS 10.13.

Anyway, i think you’ve automated as much as you can if the exports are all different lengths. In other words, AFAIK, batch export requires the exports to all be the same length. After you’ve set your tracks up, do an export for each track.

If you’re looking for an easier way to do this, use Raino’s single track method. That will do the job in fewer steps since you don’t have to move any audio around.

I just tried the other way and that works too. Maybe a bit easier on the export. I sorta like working more with separate tracks as it is easier to see fades and such, but the other way works easier on the export after you name the cycle ranges. Thanks Raino for your help. Learned something again.

One thing I have been able to do to make it a bit more automated when you want to export the mixdown for one track is you can double click on the track name when the mixdown window is open, Cntl-C to copy and Cntl-V to paste into the filename. I think that is about as good as I am going to get until Cubase would add a feature to obtain the track name. As my friend would say: Close enough for Rock and Roll.

It already does obtain the track name. But, being Cubase, it’s called “Channel Name”. Choose export multiple channels, then choose the single track you want to export.

Some audio editing tools (eg. Amadeus Pro on Mac) have a feature called “Split According to Markers”.

This exports each part as a separate file, named from the marker, with optional numbering.

Would be nice if Cubase did this.

I created a macro to make splitting the audio a little easier. Say you have one long stereo track you want to split into 10 songs. Put the long stereo track at the top and add as many stereo tracks as you need. Then use this macro. It might save you a bit of time.

Split To Next Track:
Edit - Split at Cursor
Edit - Select from cursor to end
Edit - Cut
Navigate - Down
Transport - Go to project start
Edit - Paste

Assign it to a key. Then just highlight the first part of the audio you want to split. I tried to do this with adding a new track and I couldn’t get it to work without bringing up the audio dialog and pressing add track.

Does this help?