360 VR tour from photos : how to import video, visualise/hear in Nuendo?

Hi there Nuendo people

Am pretty new to spatial audio. A colleague photographer had this idea of proposing virtual tours of his work with added audio/music that I would provide and mix.

He did a few 360 tours with VR-tours software some time ago where you can add either ambisonic files or mono/stereo objects to place where you want and export the tour.

But he would rather leave the audio to me, to place and mix it how I see fit.

As DAWs are timeline-based, importing just a 360 picture wouldn’t work.

So I thought of creating a 360 video from the picture, given a precise duration that the photographer would like and make/adapt the audio and music based on that duration.

Video questions : any idea on how to transform a 360 picture to a video and most importantly : what format, if any, could be imported by Nuendo, while being able to see and audition the result prior to bouncing?

For instance, simplified : if a picture contains a river to the left side surround, with audio/music made for that side and the right side surround has a forest with its own audio/music : can you follow that around in Nuendo from the video, either by moving the mouse on the video or do you need a HRTF tool or other?

Thanks for any info