3770K P8Z77-V 32GB GTX670 Anyone running similar?

Hi is anyone else running the same or similar setup as me without performance issues?
I have never sat down to create any music for a year as everytime i do i have the same issues.
As we all know Steinberg have no interest in users problems.

I am so close to moving to a imac but when i see some of the CPU’s they are using I find that mine is equal or better.
I cant afford to replace my gear for me to have the same problems.

I should mention that I am now on windows 10.

Problems started when i decided to upgrade to cubase 8 from 7. At the same time i changed from a UR22 to the UR44.
I have tried everything and now wondering if anyone has same CPU and MB and is working with Cubase 8.5?

I downloaded Studio One demo yesterday to see how performance was on this compared to Cubase running a similar setup.
I have not figured out how to add track properly yet though :frowning:

I have read that many users who has experienced other DAWs all say that Cubase VST performance is very poor compared to systems half the price.

I love the way Cubase 8.5 looks and feels with all the tools available. I hate the performance which is typically unusable for me and hate the fact there is no support and Steinberg simply hope that the forum members will do their job for them.

If I change to say Studio One or similar will my Steinberg VST’s work?