3mins for a smile

Made / recorded with Cubase (10.5). Listen / watch & enjoy.
comments are appreciated

Thanks for your time!

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WOWW I really liked it! It’s so upbeat and made me smile tbh. It’s also really motivational :smiley:
Not gonna lie, this is good :slight_smile: Since its so upbeat it kinda makes you happy :smiley:

Thanks for your comment! It’s always good to see people smile.
Obviously, if you like it, you might share it. Clicks are the “new” current.
Have a great day!

Really nicely done! The video was uplifting.

Lots of fun to listen to. Thanks for sharing.


Thank yor taking the time to write a comment. It’s always encouraging if people give their time to listen (or watch), but then even more, when someone gives feedback. Glad you liked it.
But criticism is also ok.
After all, communication is what’s music about.
Have a great day!