3rd party plugins black screen in Cubase 7.5 and mac sierra

I just upgraded to Mac OS sierra and some of my plugins have a black screen and don’t show anything?i contacted the developers and they say is a knkwn bug with 7.5 and sierra

Any fixes for this?


Might be, these plug-ins are not macOS Sierra compatible. Also it might be, these are 32-bit plug-ins in 64-bit Cubase, so they are using VST Bridge. Cubase 7 doesn’t support mac OS 10.12 officially. The latest officially supported version was macOS 10.9. So might be, the VST Bridge doesn’t work in Cubase 7 under mac OS 10.12.

I would recommend you to download Cubase 9 Pro Trial and try, if it works in Cubase 9. Be aware, Cubase 9 doesn’t support 32-bit plug-ins. So if this is the issue, it wouldn’t help. Only way is to use 3rd-party jBridge.