3rd Party Plugins

Hello Everyone, first of all thanks for your time, I have a question, is there any way to add my own reverbs to Dorico? 3rd party effects in general


Sure, it’s no problem. Plug-ins that adhere to the VST3 standard are recognized by Dorico immediately after they get installed.
VST2 (the older standard) plug-ins however are not immediately recognized. You need to whitelist them first and depending on the installation location, need to tell Dorico the search path.
In the Dorico Preferences dialog, choose the Play tab and scroll down, there is a button for whitelisting VST2 plugs and setting the search path (Win only).
In the whitelist you put the plug-in’s name as it appears in Finder/Explorer but without the vst2 extension.

Hi Everyone,
I’ve just moved to Dorico 3.1 after being very much impressed with the demo. I am also a user of Cubase Pro 10. I am very much excited by the possibilities. However, I am having a few difficulties with VST3 plugins though. Please forgive me if I’m missing something!

I have an existing installation of Cubase 10 along with existing installations of Kontakt, Toontrack and a few other VSTi’s in various locations on my system.

I am noticing that they are not being recognized by Dorico, even though Cubase has no problems with their location. I have tried entering the relevant plugin paths into the VST2(why not vst3?) plugin-paths section of the preferences dialogue, but my plugins are still failing to be recognized.

How can I get Dorico to recognize my previously installed VST3 plugins?

Thanks in advance!


Well, the specification for VST2 was weak in that no predefined installation path was specified, so plug-in vendors could install them anywhere they wanted.
Starting with VST3 we have now predefined paths, where they have to be located. So Cubase (and Dorico) know these paths and search in there.

But you say your VST3s are not picked up by Dorico? I can’t believe. Please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report from the Dorico menu.
That creates silently a zip file on your desktop, please attach that here.

Hi Ulf,
I have tried to attach the diagnostic file : Dorico Diagnostics.zip but the forum is telling me that this file is too large @2.23Mb

File too large: Dorico Diagnostics.zip”

You can email the file to Ulf at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.