3rd Party VST has graphical Error - Steinberg does not react


I’m not sure if I am posting this in the correct section so please correct me if necessary.

I recently encountered a graphical Error related to a third party vst plugin. According to the developer, there is an update for improvement for graphical issues. So the issue may be with the plugin itself, not Cubase.
This is however not the first time I encountered this kind of problem.

Talking to the developer it became apparent, that he could not test his plugins on Cubase with proper debugging, even though he has quote “… written to the developer support about five times” to get a developers license.

He explained: “Steinberg never replies to my emails, once i got close to them using facebook, they said somebody would have contacted me regarding a developer license but in the end nobody ever reached us. To debug DAW like Cubase or ProTools you need a developer license since the dongle protection they have prevents any debugger from attaching to the program and i cannot see where the problem is without a debugger…”.

I would like Steinberg to invest more time for these “smaller” developers. They bring fresh Ideas to the table and provide a more direct interacting with customers allowing feedback and input which in turn is great for me as a producers, musician and mixer.
It seems this is an issue which simply requires a little more attention and not much else. And in the End Steinberg gains additional 3rd Party contribution to this great DAW.

Thank you for considering Steinberg!


I forgot to mention something which might be relevant. This Developer is Hornet Plugins, a small developer from Italy.