3rd Party VST Not Working

Cubase Artist 11 - Windows 10. I have various 3rd party VSTs installed but none are active in my instrument selection. They appear but as greyed out ghosts and when I click on them (anyway) all the information about the content {style, sub-style, character) flashes and disappears immediately. I will include a screenshot of the VST plugin manager page. Please advise. And thanks.

Have you tried dragging and dropping the instrument into the track list? Clicking the instrument icon shows any available .vstpresets for that instrument, which may not be present out of the box for third party plug-ins.

Thanks. I will try this. I do not have Cubase loaded on this computer and will give it a try later today. I had Cubase up and running a few years ago and 3rd party plugins worked fine. I will post back here after I try this.