3rd Party VST3 plugins not showing up?

I have a new setup. 64 bit of course. Where in the heck does cubase look for these plugins? I’ve copied them to every directory possible. no luck. Does anybody have a clue?

VST3 Plugins go into the VST3 folder of the application -> RTFM “Installing and managing VST PlugIns”

Thanks for the reply but, did you read what i posted? " I’ve copied the plugins to every dir possible to detect them." Including C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 5\vst3 and still to no prevail. BTW,I read the manual before posting… :nerd:
Does anyone know why Cubase still does not detect them?

Here is what I have to be seen:

Melodyne editor.vst3

Oh, yes, I read that. I also read other people´s threads stating they were using Cubase, when indeed they were using Cubase Studio, which didn´t have the feature they were claiming doesn´t work, wasting other people´s time unnecessarily, by not providing appropriate info… You could simply have posted that you tried the vst3 folder

I´ve seen just as many stating that…

VST3 Plugins might get sorted automatically by type, so for the “EQuality” have you checked the EQ section of the Plugin list already?
Which of the systems in your signatures are you talking about, and which of the listed OSes…?

The top signature. win7 64 bit/c5 64 bit
only built-ins show up in vst3 list. Kind weird you would automatically assume I’m a newbie. Been apart of this forum since 2004 and been using cubase since vst 3.5 (1996). I’ve tried removing the prefs, Re-installed Cubase twice and plugs twice. Funny thing though is the 32 bit version works as expected in that regard. I have no intention on switching to 32 bit, At least not with this setup. I’m totally baffled on why they don’t show up. Going try spl-drum changer next to see if that works…

Try the search on SPL Plugins, I think someone already posted something about them (They also didn´t show up in 64 bit version) I think it has to do with 64 bit IIRC…

ahh I see. just looked around and it seems that alot of plugins don’t work with 64 bit vst3 yet…thanks for the time.