3rd staff for the piano possible?

How can I add a 3rd staff to the piano notation?
Pieces like “To the spring” by Edvard Grieg use this notation.

You can’t currently create a 3-staff piano, but you can use this attachment as a template.
3-staff-piano.dorico.zip (200 KB)

Thank you LeifG, how did you do this?

You can do it either by importing a MusicXML file that contains a piano with three staves, but there’s no way to do it directly within Dorico at the moment.

Ok, thank you!

When I imported an orchestral piece with divisi strings (Product A MusicXML), to my astonishment I got multi-staff string parts in Dorico. They came in handy, but I didn’t understand why I couldn’t recreate them. Apparently, Dorico can handle multiple staves, but there is just no means to create them yet.

Interestingly, I have a pdf containing the almost unplayable Opus Clavicembalisticum for piano solo by Kaikhosru Sorabji. The number of staves varies from 1 to 5, sometimes beginning or ending in the middle of the page. It’s extremely complicated music, but I think Dorico would be able to handle much of it already: open measures, weird nested tuplets, multi-voice, per-note accidentals, cross-staff chords, etc.

Forum competition: first one to engrave all four hours of the Sorabji wins! :laughing:

But the original Curwen edition is so beautifully engraved that it would almost be an insult to the plate engravers in Vienna if we were to redo it digitally … :slight_smile:

The original may be beautifully engraved, but it’s full of typos. Even the very first bar has half the notes, and a performance direction, missing, and there’s another misprint in bar 2!

It’s hardly “unplayable” - Jonathan Powell is part way through six scheduled complete performances during this year alone.

It’s already in the process of being redone digitally - though that work started before Dorico was more than a gleam in Daniel’s eye.

Just as an almost off-topic addition to the thread, it is interesting to note that fellow “Dorico-Forumite” Marc-André Roberge is the creator and manager of the “Sorabji Resource Site” at http://www.mus.ulaval.ca/roberge/srs/

Does Dorico 4 allow for 3 staff piano layouts? I have a piece I wrote using this and just doing it on 2 staffs looks cluttered, even with changing the size of the upper voice.

Edit > Notations > Staff > Add Staff Above. See the User Guide.

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Just discovered it.
Thank you for your reply.