4.3 Key Editor: Fullscreen track selector

When I click the track selector in Dorico 4.3 I get a fullscreen version of the nice little window I have seen in the Key Editor improvements video:

I can’t find any way to resize it. Has anyone else experienced this?

Welcome to the forum, @torened. At the moment this is indeed what will happen when you have the Dorico window full-screen. We know about it, and we’re hoping to improve it in future.

Thanks for the welcome, nice to be here!

I’m glad that you’re aware of this little problem, and as a Dorico fullscreener I hope it can be solved. I’ve investigated a bit, and it seems that if I exit fullscreen for that project, the track selector will still show up fullscreen. But if I exit fullscreen and then save and reopen the project, it will be normal.