4 Audio and Midi tracks

Thanks in advance for clarifying, in the app apple store, one of the messages for selling the cubasis LE 3, says “4 Audio & 4 MIDI tracks”. I’m confused, can anyone tell me, this is referring to what? I thought that you could include much more midi tracks and adudio tracks in each project. Don’t know what this point is refering to, I’m asking because i’m interested in buying the app, but I got confused. sorry for this question, I’m new with this kind of apps and don’t have enough experience yet, Regards.

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Yes, it is so, because the LE version is a limited one. Until I understand you can download and install it for free. That will allow you to work with simple projects. The complete version must be purchased and doesn’t have the LE, it is called simply Cubasis 3.

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LE stands for Limited Edition, so it’s eh… limited… :slight_smile:

Obviously it’s not a “limited edition” as in cars and whatnot, where “limited edition” means something that’s limited in production run to make it more desirable by suggesting it’s less common and thus rare, to make people jump the fence as soon as possible because the fear of missing out. No such thing in software, where LE nearly always mean less/limited features to offer a less capable but (financially) more accessible product. Unless you are called AudioKit Pro, but they are a bit weird.

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Hi bhergar56,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Cubasis LE is the compact version of Cubasis, which comes bundled with a wide range of audio devices, which can be used to unlock the app from demo mode. Unless unlocked, the app runs in a free 30 minutes demo mode, which can be restarted at any time.

Once unlocked via a supported audio device, the app provides a dedicated feature set which is fully described on our Cubasis Feature Comparison page.

Alongside, users are able to buy additional in-app purchases, such as the Full Feature Set in-app purchase, which updates Cubasis LE with all the features of Cubasis.

Please tap or click the links to learn more about Cubasis or Cubasis LE.

Hope that helps to answer your questions!


Thanks a lot to all of you for your promt response, now I understand the difference between one version and the other. The link for version comparison chart that Lars sends in his note, is very useful and clarifies everything. Very kind.

Best regards.

Thank you Lars for your support, as you can see i’m new and trying to understand more about the software, (Cubasis 3). My main purpose for buying Cubasis 3 will be to be able to edit and add some simple things in midi files that I have and use in my Yamaha PSR SX900, I understand now that the Cubasis 3 is not the complete and powerful DAW app like Cubase, but I also don’t need a powerful app for my actual needs. A very practical and useful point for what I want is the portability, to be able to have the app on the iPad, and not to worry for taking or carry a pc or a mac. In some Youtube videos, I see that it is possible to manage and make some edit facilities to midi files, like transposing, volume adjustements for each channel, pan adjustments, and include some CC (control change) features. Also the posibility to create some gigs to then export and use in the yamaha keyboard. That would be my main interest at this moment Lars.

In the app comparison chart there is a topic referring to MIDI Editor and CC Editor, could you please guide me where can I find a more specific explanation of those features?

Again, thank you very much for your help and support, and hoppping to be part of your new users soon. Seeing the youtube videos, I’m very impressed with the Cubasis app, and I guess that is what I need to make some things easier and practical.

best regards.

Hi @bhergar56,

Thanks for your additional message.

A good starting point to learn more about Cubasis, its workflow concept and features, might be to check out our available Getting started with Cubasis tutorial. In addition, the You Tube description includes chapter markers, which allows to jump to dedicated sections in the clip.

Alongside, please find a good overview of the included Cubasis’ features in the Cubasis comparison chart on the Cubasis website.

Lastly, please feel free to check out our available Cubasis Online Help documentation, to learn more how to use the included features best. Here, the Key Editor chapter holds the information about the MIDI and CC Editor.

Hope that helps to find quick answers to your questions, and to make up your mind about Cubasis.


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Thank you very much Lars, I’ll be reading the documentation and hopefully Cubasis could be a wonderful arternative and solution for my needs and expectations.


Hi @bhergar56,

Thanks for your message!

Hope the provided information is helpful.
Alongside, you will find many clips on YouTube from us and others too.

Hope that helps!