4 bars loop but keep audio on recording

Is it possible to set 4 bars midi keep playing but audio continuously record?


In the piano roll you can loop a selection independently from the main sequencer. It is frustratingly limited though. You have to keep the piano roll window open and it only works for one track at a time.

It would be great if you could set these loops per track and have them all doing there own thing. Steinberg are missing a trick here

Thank you, i didn’t know that. Let’s see on the action.

Edit “Independent track loop” yes that is the one i was asking. I don’t know if i can survive with 1 track at a time, but at least have 1 track loops Independently

If you set a Loop in the Project Window and then start recording audio over it looping multiple times you will get a new Lane for each Take (i.e. each time recording through the loop). Nothing new there, but a lot of folks don’t realize that all these Takes are part of a single Audio file. So if you have 4 bars looping and record 5 continuous Takes you’ll have 20 bars of audio total. If you grab the Audio Event on the first Lane in the lower right corner and drag it out to lengthen that Audio Event you can have all 20 bars as a continuous recording on the first Lane.

This is particularly useful for open-ended jamming over some chord changes for later editing.

Oh, that’s even better. Thank you for this info. I consider this for a second and i thought it’s gonna probably cut it off the wave data, especially pad sound would go disaster