4-core vs 6-core?

I’m about to build myself a new computer and I would like to know if I should get a Intel Core i7-6700K or a Intel Core i7-6800K. What’s the pro’s and con’s between the two? I use Cubase 8.5.

In normal benchmarks the i7 6800k would be just 1% faster.
The clockspeed of the 6700 would increase realtime performance where the 6800 could have more processorload.
The cache of the 6800 is bigger but have to share with 6 cores.
I think the 6800 would win here by a larger amound than 1%>
Genarally more cores do more performance but 4 cores vs 6 cores at same clockspeed would’nt be 1,5 faster course the syncing of the cores take processingtime and load to.

there is more difference in the 2 procs yhe 6800 does’nt has a onboard graphic chip.
That should benefit to.

Edit: look at this chartshttps://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/info/audio-pc-processor
The 6800 is much faster even at lower clock speed.

For audio applications, generally less cores are better than more cores with the same overall speed. It is because DAWs work realtime and in every moment they need to wait for all cores to finish calculations.