4 Hand Piano problem and Token @flowNFirstPage@}

I am working on an Index Page for 32 flows.
4 Hands Piano

I found a strange behaviour with the
Token @flowNFirstPage@}
It shows the Last Page of the flows
and not the first page as expected.

This only if I use 4 Hands Piano flows
Is there a possible way to get the right pages shown?
Maybe someone has a temporary workaround?

We’d need to see the project itself, ideally, to be able to advise what might be going on. Here’s a link to one of our sticky posts that describes the ways you can make it easier to get assistance here on the forum:

I can reproduce with a freshly created file.

Piano 4 Hand - Token issue.dorico (896.1 KB)

[Four Hand Piano Index.dorico|attachment](upload://1GN4Wqp95IF1IvGUCAuYT2bcuBj.do rico) (537.5 KB)
Here ia a little 4 Hands file I just made
It’s the same with the big file and more flows

Another approach to the problem:
Can I, using the Token {@flowNFirstPage@},
show the exact starting-Pages in 4-Hands Piano projects
or is this not yet possible in Dorico?

I know, It shows the right starting pages with 2 Hands piano flows.
I wouldn’t like to upload a file with 250 pages.

Is there anyone of the Dorico-team who knows the answer?
They could make a tiny quatre-mains project to find out

Unfortunately your project didn’t load correctly. Could you try again? If it’s too large, maybe make a duplicate of the file, and remove most of the flows, leaving just enough in the project that the issue still manifests itself.

Welcome to the forum @Emo_Rotman – the reason we ask for users to provide example projects is primarily twofold: 1) to make sure we have access the exact context and circumstances that prompted the issue, and 2) to ensure we actually have time to look at the issue. As I’m sure you can imagine, members of the Dorico team have many demands on their time.

Four Hands Piano Index.dorico (1.2 MB)
Thank you very much Lillie.
.I hope, I could upload the file this time

Thank you Craig for your file

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