4-point editing/Source-Destination Editing

This editing technique is still used in Classical Music as it’s way faster if you have several long takes.

The basic features are already there! The fade editor is just fine for that purpose.
It’s also already possible to split the arrange-window to have two independent timelines.
The only thing left is a function to copy between them with one button.

It’s would be possible to create a macro, but as far as i know there is no key command to switch between the two arrange windows…

Benefit for Steinberg: There is no other DAW on mac that is capable of doing 4 point editing

Hmm. That actually is something I might find very useful.
+1 from me.


I KNOW it’s not the same, I KNOW it’s a mediocre workaround. But, wanted to make sure you’re aware of “shuffle mode” for editing. It’s how I get around not having 4-point editing. I KNOW it’s not the same :slight_smile:.


never thought of that… I might try this sometimes. Still very slow with 10hours of source material :wink:

+1 on that one! Would be a huge help editing classical music!

+1 I would find it very usefull.


For editing classical music without a good “4-point” or “Source/Destination” editing tool in Nuendo, I’m using the following macro, which copies source material to a destination, without having to jump around too much in a project.
Here’s the macro (Command names apply for Nuendo 11. Earlier versions may have different command names):

  1. Edit - Copy
  2. Transport - Go to Right Locator
  3. Tool - Object Selection Tool
  4. Edit - Paste
  5. Transport - Locators to Selection
  6. Tool - Range Selection Tool

For this to work, you will have to:

  1. Place the Left and Right Locators at the position where you want to start with your edited version - your “Destination”. (I start at the beginning of the project and put all the takes at the end. This makes it easier for keeping track of duration, especially when sending review versions).
  2. Put all multichannel takes (your “Source” material) further away from the locators, leaving enough space/duration for your final edit at the “Destination”.
  3. Put all the multichannel tracks of the takes (your “Source” material) into a group folder.
  4. Activate Group Editing on the group folder, choose one track as your reference and make it bigger. You will only need this one for editing.
  5. Now you can start editing by selecting the Range Selection Tool and selecting the parts you want to keep from your “Source” material.
  6. Disable Auto Scroll.
  7. Press the macro shortcut you just created. This will copy your “Source” selection to your “Destination”. Your view stays on your “Source” material, so you can go on with copying the good takes to the “Destination”. When you do this for the next bit, the “Source” selection will be copied right behind the last objects in your “Destination”.

This isn’t perfect and not as elegant as in other programs. You will have your edited version at the start of the project and all of your initial takes intact at the end of the project.
In combination with “Lanes”, this can be a workaround.

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There is a entry in the manual, describing 4-point editing with the A and B-range selection tool. Isn’t this exactly what you want?

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Src/Dest editing would be very welcome. And at the risk of repeating myself, ripple edit is an essential part of the feature. One without the other is a half solution.