4 to 8 cpu support? Future intel Skylake etc.

I know this is a little overkill for now but because Moore’s law is over…
Will Steinberg products work on 4 or 8 cpu server style builds in the future? Or do they already?


Thanks for the reply.
because you can purchase an 18 core xeon this does not really answer my question. I am not sure if the software works better with one chip or 2, and if the software could even consider working on more than tow processors.

The other thing I would like to know is how many cores are used when launching a project/session. Although having twice the core count at a little more than half the frequency may give you more power when Cubase is open, I am curious if opening a session/project will take almost twice as long because my task manager tells me that only one core at a time is being used to perform this task (opening a session).? This would be good intel (okay it’s a pun) when putting together the next build. :slight_smile: If anyone out there has had experience opening a large composer template (over 3000 tracks) I would love to hear what your experience has been if you moved from an i7 to a dual xeon.

Doesn’t look like Cubase benefits much from more cpu’s/cores:


Don’t think there is a DAW which flats out all cores. Seems to be the nature of real time audio rendering. Routing in combination with inserts and sends in Cubase seems to be more stressfull than in other DAW’s.

Not now, I had to send back a haswell system with multi core 6 or 8 I forget but performance was worse. Go with the fastest CPU

Thanks for the input everyone