4 VST3 Instruments vanished from Cubase 12

Spector, LoopMash, Mystic and Prologue cannot be found in Cubase 12. The Plug-in Manager cannot find them (even if you set different search paths to all VST3, Steinberg and Common folders.) I even set up a search for the entire Program Files Folder in Windows 10 and still not found). No place to download from Steinberg Download Assistant that I see. But… they show up and work fine just fine in Cubase 11 Pro. What is wrong?

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They were discontinued in 12. LoopMash you can just copy over the VST file if you want. Otherwise, keep Cub11 around for when you want to use them.

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Gee Steinberg…thanks for the warning!! What about all those developed User Presets??? Who goes back to a previous version after setting up shop in a new upgrade?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s the purpose of the release notes. We should read them before we decide to upgrade.


Actually you can copy all of them into 12 if you are on a PC (but not Macs which is the cause of the retirements as I understand it). Don’t recall the actual directions. But you can search and find them here in a thread from right after 12 came out.

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Do they work without a dongle with old license?

Not sure about that. Copy them over and give it a try.