40% Discount on Nuendo 8

Dear Nuendo users,

if you’ve been considering the idea of getting another Nuendo 8 license, now is your chance to do it!

From today until May 31, we are offering a 40% discount on the Nuendo 8 full version, all updates and crossgrades.
And in case you didn’t know it yet, the Nuendo 8 full version is now also available as a download. You need to get a USB-eLicenser separately to activate the license though.

For more information about the current Nuendo 8 offer please visit this page.

All the best,

Great deal !

Thanks Steinberg.

Might be a good time to jump from cubase …can you say if video export with audio will be coming soon to Nuendo? That would be my primary reason…secondary is other post features and adr…thanks !



Note to Steinberg: though I’m happy with my N8 upgrade, I’m less than thrilled that this 40% off promotion kicked in the day I paid retail (May 17), but before the notice went up.

Surprise, surprise.

Yes, I would have waited a couple of days; no, as a longtime supporter and buyer of Nuendo, I don’t feel great about this. Can or will you do anything make it right? Any acknowledgment would be very much appreciated.



I am thinking about buying this, downloading the trial now; I hope the sale will last a day or so longer!