40% Off Cubase Upgrades


Upgrades only (i.e. from Artist/Elements etc), maybe updates (C10->C10.5) offer is coming very soon for those that held off?

The update offer will likely come within the next few months.

How does it works with an upgrade? I have Cubase 7 and would like to upgrade to Cubase 10.5, do I need to keep my physical disc of Cubase 7 to install and use the upgrade to Cubase 10.5?

// Walter

This offer is for ‘Upgrades’, which is when you move from one product to another (i.e. from Artist/Elements to Pro). What you’re referring to (i.e. Cubase 7 to 10) is what Steinberg refer to as ‘Updates’.

And no, you don’t need your C7 disk, as long as you have a valid license on a dongle then you apply the new code and your license is updated to be valid for C10.5 and below. So, you can just download the C10.5 installer.

You can also use C7 with that same license as it’s backwards compatible with older versions too.