40% off on cubase pro 10.5

Hi , Recently I purchased the artist 10 version so I can receive the pro 10.5
I see that the order has Been made and I wonder if I should activate it manually , has Steinberg provided me the activation code
my regard is : the 28th will be the last day of the deal , I’m pretty sure I won’t get the package by then , is my purchased is inside the time frame?
or I better activate it with the Elicenser control center app?
or I should wait for the package?
Steinberg did not mentioned wether when you purchased the pack you automatically be upgraded or you gotta activate the artist version to be included in that deal

I think that you pay for the activation code, so if you have that, all is good. You can download whenever, activate whenever. I don’t represent Steinberg in any way whatsoever, but that’s how it seems to work.

It is clearly explained on the page how it works.