40% off to Upgrade to WaveLab 10

Dear users,

Until March 1, 2021 we are offering a huge 40% discount on the upgrades from WaveLab Elements to WaveLab Pro 10, or from WaveLab LE to WaveLab Elements 10.

To learn which extra features and tools you can get from a bigger WaveLab version, please visit:

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Is this version safe to install on Mac M1 Silicon ARM 64 bit?
Or better, is eLicenser safe to install on M1 CPU?

I have Cubase 11 and would like to purchase Wavelab Pro 10
Why do i have to purchase The elements version for £18 and then upgrade from there again .
Why cant loyal Cubase 11 owners just have Wave lab 10 for the upgrade price, not having to purchase elements first.
I know it is not a big deal , but it is more faffing about for the non elements person, If you see what i mean. Not very elementry my dear Watson as Sherlock puffs his pipe, hmmm’.

All the Best

Is this still available? I would like to avail this offer as I have been trying to save money and want to invest in useful things. I think it’s quite a good opportunity to buy this at 40% off as I have been trying not to spend on unhealthy things.
Have a great day!