432 HZ

Nice article



And to add… a good tune is a good tune regardless :slight_smile:

For some reason the discussion of which pitch is in harmony with the universe brings to mind “D Minor, the saddest of all keys” from Spinal Tap:

Also the discussion of perfect pitch. For those who have it, which one do they have, 440, or 432? They’re like a third of a half note apart.

Which reminds me of Harry Partch, who built his own instruments based on a scale with 43 tones in the octave, and composed amazing music for them. Try this:

Anyway, it’s all in the mind, and as Split says, a good tune is a good tune.

Thanks for the interesting article.

Thanks, good article. Lots of good links in it too.

For example, “A brief history of the establishment
of international standard pitch a=440 hertz” http://www.wam.hr/sadrzaj/us/Cavanagh_440Hz.pdf

Nice, I like reading sensible stuff that debunks silly theories :slight_smile:

Fact #7
Fiction: Goebbels and the Nazis tried to take over the world with A440Hz.

Couldn’t stop laughing at this. It’s inevitable that in any discussion someone brings in Hitler or Nazis.

Is it only me or does anyone else think the forum software may be too PC when it doesn’t even allow to use this N-word?

I agree with you. Here is a clip about it:


+1 to debunking the silly. :slight_smile: