44.1 24bit imports getting sped up

I am importing 44.1 24bit WAV files into a 44.1 24bit CUBASE 5 session. The files come in shorter an sped up.
The original files are the correct length, bit/sample rate and play fine outside Cubase.
I am using a MACBOOK PRO running LION. I have started a similar new session in Cubase 5 on my PC and have encountered the same problem.
I have tried restarting both Cubase and my computer to no avail.

Please help

Sounds very much like a sample rate mismatch!

…My first thought. I’ve check the info/properties of the files on both my mac and PC and it’s correct - 44.1 24 bit 1058 bit rate. Session is definitely 44.1 24bit. I’ve imported other 44.1 24bit files into it and they import and play fine.
totally baffled!

It is possible the header info about the samplerate is wrong? this can be done in wavelab for example.