48 k project - 44.1 audio needed

Hi All,

Im working in a project thats 48k and i need either record or export out a 44.1 WAV. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Does cubase automatically convert if i choose 44.1 in export options?

Or do i need to record a 48k version then some how convert it to 44.1? And if so, any good suggestions for how to do that inside cubase please?


Sure it is…

If it didn´t, why would it then give you the option…?

You could even do that - though I personally would not choose that possibility

Change the project samplerate

It doesnt convert to 44.1 if you just select that export option in a 48k project. The file comes out the wrong speed, to fast.

And i cant just change the projects setup to 44.1 as all of the audio inside it is 48k, therefore that would all change speed.

So i need to find a way that allows me to export and the export down converts the audio properly, so that the track stays at the same speed and length and sounds as it should but is 44.1 not 48k

any ideas please?

It does - the fact that it runs faster is because it´s converted to 44,1 kHz, playing back at 48 kHz soundcard / project samplerate…

That´s why Cubase asks you if you want to convert the files too, which is what you asked…

…-then some how convert it to 44.1?

See above…

You just need the final mix to be 44.1k?

Mix it down at 48k and then sample rate convert it using a free tool like Voxengo’s r8brain.

yeah i just need a final master of the file to be 44.1.

i do not want to change all of my project and projects audio to 44.1 as i also need an AIFF 48k, so i want to basically bounce two masters. One an AIFF at 48k and then i was hoping i could bounce a second master at 44.1 WAV.

But looks like the WAV will just be fast? So i guess its an external bit of software to convert the 48k aiff to a 44.1 wav which i didnt really want to do. just wish cubase could!

Its odd, because when i import audio it offers to convert it and maintains the right speed of the track.


Actually,i closed that project, created a new project in cubase at 44.1 and imported my exported WAV and it was correct so Cubase did convert the file to 44.1 ok.

Question is, how good is Cubase’s automatic SR conversion compared to other software such as r8 brain or Izotopes SRC

anyone know?


quite obvious…

Its very wooly though, quite dull compared to the 48k version.

SRC quality easily turns into a religious debate. :slight_smile:

Here’s a fun website that graphs results from multiple products:


There doesn’t need to be religion. We can stick on facts. Now let’s analyze Cubase’s SRC from those figures given in that site:

  1. Distortion: Cubase definitely isn’t the best one in this, but all distortion is still 120 dB below orginal signal level. You can’t hear this and even your world’s best ultra high-end D/A chip introduces more distortion… and your speakers/headphones introduce something like 1000 times more.
  2. Anti-alias filter: Yes, it’s poor compared to some other ones, but still aliasing distortion is below -60dB below signal level @ 20kHz. You can’t find so loud ultrasonic content on any music that would create any significant problem and even if there were, music would mask it from your ears in 99.9999…% of cases.
  3. Phase: perfect
  4. Impulse response: Really good. This is direct consequence of having quite poor (shallow) anti-alias filter.

CONCLUSION: While Cubase’s SRC isn’t the prettiest girl in town, it’s good enough for any imaginable real-world job.

Don’t. r8brain free has anti-aliasing filter which cuts -6dB at 20k. This is far worse shortcoming than Cubase’s ones. Some (maybe 1 in 1 000 000) people may even hear this.

If you want a high-end free SRC, use SoX.