48 minutes and 49 seconds of Cubase 7 workflow unedited!

Hey people, it’s been a while since I managed to do a Cubase 7 video but last night I managed to lock down a new episode in my #producerPOV series… leaving the recorder running whilst I compose.


This video features a whole bunch of stuff in context with no voiceover… the music isn’t what I usually make but it’s still worth checking. Let me know what you think.



Good stuff,

These kind of videos are great. I remember when i was interested in purchasing cubase a couple of years ago. Only a bunch of tutorials, no clean fun workflow videos. So this is great for people interested in how you actually use it.

Maybe i’ll do one too, i’m inspired :wink:

It’s actually exposing how out of practice I am on cubase! I’ve been rotating between Ableton and Logic recently for my channel and need to get back on C7 a bit to get more familiar with it again. I think workflow videos are really helpful for beginners… there might be a lot of times when nothing significant happens but that’s actually what goes on in studios around the world…

WOW, great. Exactly what I need, to see how other do it.
I wish there were more videos like this, to actually see the workflow, see how others approach the solution from differen angles. Great!

there are lots of workflow videos on youtube with ableton/logic, very few with Cubase.

interesting to hear some of the patches from the Triebwork synths, they sound pretty good.

Yeh, the patches on those three halion romplers in the Absolute Collection are actually great for electronic music…

Hi Danny,

Just fantastic that you did this video in Cubase !

I too find , just as s previous poster, that there are much more tut vids about logic and live.
So this is very welcome !
I bought Logic X (coming from Logic Pro a few years ago and used it for years), but i stay with ableton Live and cubase 7 now.

Cheers !


Thank you very much !!

This video is fantastic… it’s like sitting next to a producer and just watch him do his thing. you don’t have ask him questions… just watch - and listen.

MUCH appreciated ! (btw - it is you I learned from the merits of Cubase’ tools. I used to simply neglect them but they are WAY underrated. Steinberg should be paying you, seriously).


This is the first time I’ve been able to see how a mac handles workspaces

On my pc, workspaces are great but I cant get rid of the sky blue window borders no matter what scheme is in play on windows

Looks like on a Mac the whole thing is a little slicker, a seamless pane of windows you can set up yourself

I hope they get the thing going as good on Windows one day, But Stardock now works in W8 this improves things if you use one of their skins, not perfect though :wink:

Thanks for the vid Danny

Hi Danny, as usual, your stuff is great. Keep them coming when you can. Thanks

Thanks Danny!

I just dabble in electronic music as I’m primarily a guitarist, but I’ve been subbed to your YT chan for a while and love your videos.

Cheers m8!