48 V Phantom Power for mic and speakers in UR22 MKII

Hi all!

I am confused as to what 48 V Phantom Power really is. In my Steinberg interface I can see an option of using 48v power close to the two line inputs (TSR) on the back, however I don’t see that option for the MIC XLR/TSR port in the front, and it is the MIC the one I know that will require 48v.

Does the UR22 MKII provide 48v for the MIC? And why does ot provide it for the speakers? Do they need it?

My MIC is Rode NT2-A and the speakers are the S-DJ50X from Pioneer.


I agree that the phantom power switch placement is really confusing…
But I think that the switch at the line outputs is actually for your front inputs, as you say.
I’ve never heard of phanton power on outputs, and phantom power is never on TRS connectors (because they short when you insert a plug)
So yeah, my guess is that switch at the back will enable phantom power on your mic inputs.

Strophoid is correct. Please read the UR22 MKII operation manual for instructions and cautions about using the available 48 volt power… The information you are looking for is on pages 5 & 6. Link to the manual is attached.


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