+4dBu to dBFS equivalence in UR824

I had this doubt about the nominal level used in the UR824 outputs (to calibrate my audio chain)

In my old card this was the rule (give it from the official support )

+4dBu = -18dbFS

So I could calibrate my external hardware knowing that.

In the UR824, how many dBFS are equivalent to +4dBu ?

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BTW (I already had a official response from focusrite refering my scarlett 2i2, and yes, I also send an email to steiny support)

Hello distante,

In the case of UR824, 0dBFS corresponds to the maximum output level (=+18dBu).

So for the UR824, -14dBFS corresponds to +4dBu.

I hope this helps.

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Stefan Schreiber

I thought it was a little lower.

Thanks Stefan for the info.

Oh, and for the input stage?

looking in the tech specs In the input sections says:

Maximum Input Level +24 dBu
Maximum Gain 60 dB
Adjustable Gain 44 dB

So I assume for the input stage have a fixed gain that is 60dB-44dB= 16dB (this is, with the know all the way down/left), so
24dBu plus +16dB(fixed gain) = 40dBu = 0dBFS

Is this correct? The UR824 have an input equivalence of +4dBu = -32dBFS ???

I think I mess up my train of thoughts somewhere…