4gb ram in xp and windows 7 32 bit

hi all. i’m using windows xp sp3 with 2gb ram. just ordered 2gb more for 4gb total. from what i’m reading i’ll be lucky if my system sees between 3-3.5 gb. fine.
i’ve just bought windows 7 and have it in a dual boot with xp. using 32 bit on that partition (got lots of plugins and 64 bit too risky at present).
so my question ;when i install the extra ram should i expect the pc to recognise and use it without further intervention, or do i have to learn all the 3gb switch stuff? i eventually plan to build a 64 bit windows 7 system but need to keep my existing pc running a while longer; preferably with as much ram as can be addressed… thanks. ed

Hi, Eddie Stealth Studio!

I’m not 100% on this, but I believe RAM recognition is related to the MOBO BIOS. If your system is relatively recent, it should work fine by just plugging in the additional RAM, and the system should “see” it.

If I err, I’m sure there’ll be a number of folks who’ll get it right for both of us!!! :open_mouth:

You won’t be able to utilize the full 4gb. You are correct that a 32bit os is only going to use 3.5 at most. It may report the full 4gb but it won’t be using it.

Go 64bit as soon as you can and then you can load up on as much ram as the mobo allows. There are certain limitations to Win7 memory.

Scroll about 1/2 way down the page.


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True! The system I’m on right now is showing insert elevator music here while I pull up dxdiag (Memory 3328 MB Ram). You don’t have to make any modifications, just plug it in, and your system will see around that much. It doesn’t affect my performance AFAIK.


btw… My new system (music dedicated) is Win 7 x64, Cubase 5.5.2 x64. It runs flawlessly and I’m using 12 Gig ram on it. I couldn’t be happier. MS really did do a good job on this OS. …and my 32Bit plugin list is dwindling by the month as more companies jump on the bandwagon.

Some notes for your transition whenever you make it:
I use JBridge for all my 32 bit plugs. The soon to be released update (5.5.3) is supposed to involved improvements with the VSTBridge. When you make your move to x64, you won’t really need a “backup” 32 bit install, unless you are using some really troublesome plugins.

thanks guys. hopefully i’ll just plug and play then. been using vista 64 on my laptop for a while and using it as a test bed for plugins and cubase. good way to learn without risk.
reason i’m trying to get more ram into my older studio pc is things like bfd2, stylus rmx and the grand. using combinations of these ususally has the pc throwing up in a bucket and writing a suicide note. would be good to have a bit of headroom.