4K video are cropped in Nuendo's video player

Hi there,

I can’t figure out how to setup Nuendo 10 video player to playback 4K video. At every size that I try to playback 4K video (quarter size, half size, ecc) it shows up cropped. No way to see the whole frame.

I’ve checked the video supported formats and this video fits all the requirements. MP4, H264, 3840 × 2160.

Someone knows how to fix this without converting the whole film from 4K to 1080?

PS: I’m on a MBP late 2013 with Sierra as OS. I’m running the 60 day trial version of Nuendo 10.

I think you’ll have to convert it to 1080. Unless if you’re using a separate video card like BlackMagic Design’s Mini Monitor that can playback 4k, I think conversion has to be done.

Computer becomes faster and faster and its more and more common to receive 4K video from clients. Cam recorders are now able to record 6K video. Of course we can always down-convert a video, but its boring since often we can receive more version of the same film or documentary. At the same time I dislike to ask my clients to send me down-converted videos because I’m using a software that is not able to play 4K videos.

I hear ya. You might wanna try buying something like a BlackMagic Design Mini Monitor to playback 4k videos? Nuendo is able to play videos from BlackMagic.

Hi SoundAvenue,

Same problem here running the 60 day trial version of Nuendo 11. And I’m using a Blackmagic Design Decklink Mini Monitor 4K.