4Knob PopD Piano Library

I bought it yesterday and I am already upset with the quality of the tool. When using it on Cubase on a midi track and controlling the sound with my P125 the sound cuts in the middle of the play. I don’t know what happens. All the other stuff I have on Cubase works nicely but he 4knob has this problem. Hope you solve it because I can not use it.
I am using Cubase Elements and a Dell PC with 16GB RAM and 1 TB Hard disk. It is a I7 processor Generation 9th…
Using Halion Sonic SE 3.4.10

I notice that the problem happens when using the sustain pedal.

I wonder whether it’s a polyphony issue. I noticed it is using quite a lot of voices. If you hold the sustain pedal down the number of voices can increase rapidly.

When you select the options tab in HSSE and check the Max Voices, what setting do you have there. Mine is set to 128. I think it’s by default. But when I hold the pedal down I can reach the limit pretty quickly with this instrument.

Hi, thanks for helping.
Mine is the same. It is set to 128 voices.
It is surely because of the number of layers the sound has.

I set the polyphony to 256 and It seems the problem disappeared.


The documentation on this Piano Library is quite sparse, but it seems like Direct / Attitude and Modulation all use voices when activated (not if they are muted), and also the hammer noise and pedal noise add voices to each note and can´t be turned off (just turned down).

I too have the voices set to 128 in Options, and the polyphony in the MIDI tab at max. I don´t have issues with notes cutting off but I get a “click” when releasing the pedal - if the voice # is maxed out when playing sustained chords, and the asio buffer is set to 64 or lower (RME Babyface Pro).

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