4th divisi not showing up in play tracks?

Sorry for all the questions tonight. I’m working on a piece that does a lot of divisi. I’m currently dividing Violin 1 in to three and it’s showing up fine. I think went to divide them in to 4 and it’s showing up in write mode, and even in play mode, I can see the “Staff (d)” in the dropdown on the bottom, but it’s not showing up in the track column (so I can’t assign a VST to it). See pic:

@mbira hello,
Would you make a partial screenshot of all Violin I section in Write Mode?
Would be helpful if we can see how you did the divisions.

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Sure! Attached.

I think I know what might be the cause of the issue…
Did you, by any chance, created the 4th division after you activated the Independent Voice Playback?
If yes, then this is the case.

The solution:
Disable the IVP and Re-Enable it again. That way you’ll get the all four voices as four track channels in Play mode.
Dorico does not create IVP tracks automatically when the function is once activated.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Well, thank you. That did work. What’s strange though is that I have certainly done other divisi after activating IVP and it’s been working. And strangely enough, when I went to do your suggestion, I accidentally disabled it for Viola (not violin) and when i reenabled viola, it also corrected the violin track. Strange behavior, but thank you-I got that issue fixed now!

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No problem, @mbira. I’m glad I was able to help you! :slight_smile:

Well, probably there is a bug with that IVP function that needs to be fixed.
Not long ago I did ask the team for an improvement in the area of IVP, because it’s still on a very basic level.
I hope the team will check this topic and the issue reported by you, too! :slight_smile:

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@mbira, you’re right that if you add more sections to an existing divisi when independent voice playback has already been enabled, Dorico doesn’t automatically update its playback settings. This is indeed a little bug, and one that we will make sure gets fixed in a future update.