5.1.1 AVI Video

To add to the feedback about video being broken in 5.1.1, Our facilty uses several random video formats, one which is an MSCRAM AVI codec. These are imported from a networkrd drive.

Nuendo will crash (and need to be force-quit) when trying to Prepare archive (“copy video files too”), it gets to 99% then hangs. Unstable untill reboot afterwards.

Reverted to 5.1.0 for now, problem has gone away.

You can download a test file (for 1 week) by going to: ftp://tvnzdl:znvtdl@ftp.tvnz.co.nz/265611011_Border_Piha_Wk8_d30kk.AVI.tvnz
Instructions: Once you have downloaded the file, you will need to rename it to remove the .tvnz extension - eg. 265611011_Border_Piha_Wk8_d30kk.AVI.tvnz becomes 265611011_Border_Piha_Wk8_d30kk.AVI.

that file imports and plays back (even out of the decklink card) without issue here.

No problems with your video here.

Yes, it plays fine, but crashes when “prepare archive” over networked drive. if you just add it locally - no probs. Weird. It even plays fine over a network.

Maybe we’ll try re-installing 5.1.1 when we have a quiet day and see how it goes.

We are running Xp though, so that may be something…

Thanks for testing.

works fine here in every conceivable way.

Thats interesting, thanks, when we have a quiet day I’ll look into it.