5.1.40 small change for my muscle memory, intentional?

Is the removal of the esc key shortcut for stopping scrub playback intentional? If not, it would be great if it would be restored in a next version.
Now I’ll probably get used to using my custom slightly more time consuming shortcut for toggling scrub playback (cmd+opt+shift+space) not only for starting it but also for stopping it.

(This ‘small change’ leads to an awful loud cacophony for me all the time now when I didn’t stop scrub playback when I thought I did by pressing esc. Just like the fact that scrub playback doesn’t stop when normal playback starts, as I would expect; and the fact that you cannot make scrub playback ignore the mouse position to only navigate it with your keyboard.

But still thank you very much for the update with lots of fixes!)

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It wasn’t intentional, no. It looks like it has been the victim of some refactoring. Sorry for the inconvenience – I will make sure this is indeed restored in future.


After reading this thread I tested toggling scrub playback with (ctr + space). This worked well in my setup (two keys less :wink:). For me just a little easier.

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Thanks Daniel!!

Good one @mmka , when I need to reset my muscle memory anyway it’s a good time to simplify this shortcut!

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