5.1 monitoring from media bay?


I have finally upgraded my setup to 5.1 (now that everyone is doing atmos I guess :p) anyway.
Is it possible to listen to media bays surround files in the surround monitor ? for the moment any 5.1 5.0 files I play go to L/R
When I import them on timeline they play correctly on all speakers.


You have to set your preview bus to a 5.1 bus.
I’m not in front of the DAW, so maybe it’s called different.
But this should give you a hint.

Thx I have mediabay playing multichanel files on monitoring now.
When I play multichannel files in mediabay I can see the 5.1 monitoring going on the right outputs so playing a 5.1 in media bay works.
Playing stereo from mediabay goes to L/R
But playing a 4.0 file outputs it on L,R,C,Lfe rather then L,R,Ls,Rs
is there some settings for that ?

I think you have to use downmix presets… but not really sure on that…

ok thanks