5.1 monitoring from media bay?


I have finally upgraded my setup to 5.1 (now that everyone is doing atmos I guess :p) anyway.
Is it possible to listen to media bays surround files in the surround monitor ? for the moment any 5.1 5.0 files I play go to L/R
When I import them on timeline they play correctly on all speakers.


You have to set your preview bus to a 5.1 bus.
I’m not in front of the DAW, so maybe it’s called different.
But this should give you a hint.

Thx I have mediabay playing multichanel files on monitoring now.
When I play multichannel files in mediabay I can see the 5.1 monitoring going on the right outputs so playing a 5.1 in media bay works.
Playing stereo from mediabay goes to L/R
But playing a 4.0 file outputs it on L,R,C,Lfe rather then L,R,Ls,Rs
is there some settings for that ?

I think you have to use downmix presets… but not really sure on that…

ok thanks

still haven’t figured out how to make this work :stuck_out_tongue:
I used what you said and I have in CR Inserts a MixerDelay that is bypassed.
it’s routing is for exemple
this way I can monitor a quad in the mediabay
I have another MixerDelay for LCR and for 5.0
But Ihave to activate the correct MixerDelay and bypass it to work on the session. really anoying.
I’m curious how people do it.


I use the downmix preset to listen to my mix in stereo or mono.
But unless i’m missing your point. It’s no use here.

I am using the Mediabay and select a sound to listen to it using the embeded player, the output is incorrect if anything else then stereo or 5.1. Please try it and tell me if you can output correctly a quadro format with 5.1 session.
For me, a mono plays in stereo, a LCR plays LRC, a quadro outputs L,R,C,Lfe and so on. Basically mediabay takes channels… and outputs them in order even if it’s incoherent with the sound “format”.
I maybe miss a setting in mediabay but it would be nice to add have a pref setting window to set that any mono outputs in C only, any quadro output LCLsRs etc… .
The only way for me to monitor from the mediabay is to manualy switch on/off a mixerdelay on the CR inserts. And once the sound is droped on the timeline, but I have to switch that mixerdelay off for it to play normally.