5.1 surround recording in Wavelab 8.5 Pro

Hi all,
Always recorded in stereo, now a project pops up and demands recording in 5.1 surround 24bit/48kHz.

I have set up all my surround channels in de VST Audio Connections box ins & outs.
When I now want to record the record window only shows meters for stereo and when I want to select the surround option it is not there. It only shows stereo, mono channels and multi setereo/mono.
File -> New also has no surround selection possibility, only stereo and mono…
What do I forget? According to the manual I just need to configure the audio connections…

In earlier days I worked with Wavelab 6 and there it was plain simple…

Thanks for any support :slight_smile:

Did you choose a multi / mono file format in the record dialog? If you select a stereo file format, this is not enough. And don’t expect to record multichannel interleaved files.

Thank you Philippe for your fast response.
No, I did not choose the Multi stereo/mono format in the record dialog. This also still shows only 2 meters, just as with stereo.
There is no surround option to choose from.

In Montage I can create a 5.1 file. I cannot do that in the Audio Files editor / the place where you normally can record single files.

I have set up the full surround settings in the VST Audio Connections.

There is no surround option to choose from.

Right. You can record up to 8 channels, but that will be mono and stereo files.
You can insert them in a montage mater, if necessary.

Well, I have worked with WL 6 and there you could do it. In stead of Stereo, you just choose 5.1 and automatically all 6 meters were displayed in the record dialog and after the recording was finished all 6 tracks were nicely displayed.

Since when dit Steinberg decide to not support 5.1 recording in WL anymore ???
This is completely mindblowing.
I just installed Sound Forge 14 Trial and there it is possible, without any trouble and works just great.

surround sound in WL is pretty prehistoric - Lots of us has nagged for years but no real or useful progress…just my opinion obvs

WaveLab 8.5 is not different than WaveLab 6 on this topic.

I’m sorry but it is. In WL 8.5 Pro I only can create mono and stereo recordings.
Steinberg claims it is a Professional application, well it isn’t.

I’m sorry but it is. In WL 8.5 Pro I only can create mono and stereo recordings.

Like in WaveLab 6, you can record up to 8 channels in WaveLab 8.5

  • The ASIO config must be set
  • The record dialog must set what ASIO channels to record from
  • The proper file format must be selected (multi mono/stereo)

I just did recorded 6 channels both in WaveLab 6 and 8.5, to refresh my memory.
It’s exactly the same principle, though the UI has changed.

@jupiter8boyz: You probably don’t realize, but Philippe is the developer of WL. If he says it’s there, it is there.